“Emmerdale” Video Update: “Right On The Noggin”

When we last saw Aaron and Jackson, the boys had just gotten
back together after Aaron realized he couldn’t be without Jackson in his life. Aaron begged Jackson to come back to
him. But as soon as the guys reunited Aaron went out of town on business,
leaving Jackson
little more than a quick phone call saying goodbye!

Aaron was gone, Jackson
grumped and groused his way around the village and generally made life
unbearable for everyone around him. Will Aaron’s return home be the thing to
perk Jackson

before I start griping about things I didn’t like, let me tell you about the
things I did like. I like Jackson’s
new caregver Joe. Not only he is
adorable, he seems like a decent sort. It’s clearly not going to work out for
Aaron and Jackson, and just because Jackson
is disabled shouldn’t prohibit him from finding love again.

it be too much to hope that Jackson and Joe might develop something and bring
some relief from this terribly bleak and depressing storyline? If not that – though
I’d prefer that – maybe Joe can be a close friend for Jackson to bond with and confide in. That
would be start anyway.

Joe is a cute new addition to Jackson’s life…

I also loved how Aaron had Charity ask Jackson
for “help” with a work problem to make Jackson feel useful again.
That was a very sweet thing
for Aaron to do, and it does show some growth for his character. However, none
of that makes up for the fact that he was out of town for weeks and barely
greets Jackson
when he returns, much less touches him.

realize that Aaron isn’t prone to displays of physical affection. However Jackson is not a passing
acquaintance. He’s someone he used to have sex with and supposedly loves. So a
quick kiss or a gentle touch wouldn’t exactly be out of order… or out of

I also like how Pearl handles
Pearl has always had a soft spot
for Jackson and
since his accident, she’s been wonderfully no nonsense with him, not letting
him feel sorry for himself or putting up with his attitude when he’s crabby. Her
scenes with him always come across as real and warm. And we could use more of
that. Too many people don’t treat Jackson
as a person, but as a thing, this object to be pitied and wheeled around from
place to place.

Oddly enough, Aaron and Jackson weren’t this intimate before
his accident…

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