Emmy Sh*t List! The 10 Emmy Snubs That Piss Us Off Most

I’m always annoyed by people who pretend that award shows are big shams with no integrity because their favorite show/actor/actress is under-rewarded. Here’s the thing about award shows: People have to lose. Disappointments are inevitable. It’s cowardly to roundly dismiss award shows because there’s no one who’ll defend their integrity. You get to be the cool one no matter how biased or ill-informed your opinion is. There, I said it.

That said: Man, I am so mad that certain people don’t have Emmys! It’s “For Your Consideration” season in LA, and as we near July’s announcement of this year’s Emmy nominees, we thought we’d round up 10 screen stars who for some reason have a grand total of zero Emmys. It’s a disturbing scenario, and we hope a couple of the snubbees receive compensation at this year’s ceremony.

10. Bill Maher

I don’t even watch Bill Maher regularly, but I know he’s great enough that 26 unfulfilled Emmy nominations is just extreme. He’s an astounding wit, a fearless commentator, and a singular voice. Surely he deserves to ring in at some point among the hailstorm of wins for The Daily Show and The Colbert Report

9. Kristen Wiig

I have the feeling 2012 is the Emmy year for Ms. Wiig, who’s still riding the sentimental wave of good tidings that came with her departure from SNL and her recent Oscar nomination for scripting Bridesmaids. Fact is, very few of SNL‘s women have earned Emmy attention; Molly Shannon scared up a nom in 2000, and Gilda Radner won in a variety category way back in ’78. But I think Wiig is about to mark the reversal of the Emmy’s anti-SNL actor trend, because if Wiig doesn’t deserve an award for her years of service to Lorne Michaels, who does? I say bank on her victory, even if it means she’ll topple the #1 actress on this list.

8. Courteney Cox

Maybe it’s the Scream zealot in me, but I love the hell out of Courteney Cox. Her humor is harsh, convincing, and expertly delivered — most of all in that Bruce Springsteen video. Whether she was charming us on Friends, unnerving us on Dirt, or slaying us on the still-underrated Cougar Town, the woman deserves major respect. And at the very least, a single Emmy nomination. Yep, she was never even nominated.

7. Delta Burke

Suzanne Sugarbaker lives an Emmy-free life, and I have the hard task of telling you that no one in the cast of Designing Women ever won an Emmy. Not even Meschach! I suppose Burke’s loss hurts the most because it’s rare that the totally self-centered lady roles get recognized. Whitley from A Different World? Hilary from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Snub and snub. But Burke snatched up two unfulfilled nominations, proving that former Miss Georgia World contestants are simply too glamorous for mere trophies.

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