Eurovision Returns! Let’s Celebrate the Winners and … Non-Winners (Sorry UK!)

Josh Dubovie belts his way into last place at the Eurovision Song Contest

It didn’t have the controversy, or adorable Hobbit winner of last year, but the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, Norway still brought lots of pomp, circumstance, and spectacle.

The winner was Germany’s Lena, who inexplicably (IMHO) won for the cute but forgettable “Satellite.” She’s charming, but there’s really nothing at all special or memorable about the song. Frankly, she’s no Nena. What do you think? Did she deserve the win?

In second place was Turkey’s maNga (apparent victims of a Shift/Ca typing error), with “We Could Be The Same.” It’s a better song than “Satellite” and has a great message, but the video has a creepy fetish vibe.

In third place was Romania’s Paula Seling & Ovi, who performed the duet “Playing With Fire.” Now this is why I love Eurovision. This song was sexy, campy, and a hell of a lot of fun! And I’ve got to get one of those flame-throwing transparent double pianos.

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