Every Picture Tells A Story: The History of Kevin Walker in 42 Pages

We were saddened to hear of the cancellation of ABC’s Brothers & Sisters, especially because it appeared there was a good chance it would come back for an abbreviated sixth season.

But it turns out that the Season Five finale was also the series finale for Brothers & Sisters. The show ended on a high note, with a lot of warmth and heart, but it will always be bittersweet because it means it’s the last we’ve seen of Kevin Walker (wonderfully played by Matthew Rhys).

For five seasons Kevin was an integral part of the show’s dynamic, and allowed to be as three-dimensional and complex as a any gay character we’ve ever seen on TV.

To celebrate what Kevin meant to gay visibility, we present this chronological pictorial tribute, which covers Kevin’s life from the first appearance, to his early relationships (remember closeted action star Chad and the Senator’s minister brother Jason?), to of course, his relationship with the love-of-his-life Scotty (Luke Macfarlane).

So thank you, Kevin, and we raise a glass of wine to you in our best Walker family dysfunctional way!

Editor’s note: We put a lot of work into this. We politiely request that you do not copy the entire post and place elsewhere.

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