Exclusive: Kirk is Bisexual, Kisses Spock in Upcoming “Star Trek” Movie

In the new Star Trek “prequel”
movie due out in May, James T. Kirk, future commander of the U.S.S. Enterprise,
is bisexual and in love with Spock, and hints that Spock may have loved him
back. In one scene, Kirk shares a bed with Spock and kisses him on the lips,
although the Vulcan does not seem to reciprocate.

In another scene, Kirk appears to post half-naked holo-images
of himself on an internet-like dating network, and his “on-line profile”
clearly indicates that he is looking for “females,” “males,” and “other.”

“It just made sense,” said director J. J. Abrams in an
exclusive interview with AfterElton.com. “In the original series, Kirk’s character
slept with green-skinned aliens, and in one case, a creeping mist. Sleeping
with men too really doesn’t seem like that big a leap.”

The movie is intended to be a “reboot” of the whole Star Trek franchise.

“Our mandate was to question absolutely everything about the
original franchise,” Abrams said. “What was with all the orange paint? Why did
Kirk’s hair look so much like a bad toupee? We explain it all, but they’re not
the explanations you might think. For example, the reason all the women wear 60s-style
mini-skirts in the future is because of an outbreak of a polyester-eating virus
that can’t survive at altitudes above the thigh.”

Surprisingly, Kirk’s newfound bisexuality comes with the
full support of the previous Kirk, William Shatner.

“Are you kidding?” Shatner told AfterElton.com. “Who do you
think has been writing all that slash fiction? Half of it was me, and the other
half was Leonard [Nimoy].”

Star Trek [the new
movie] was always intended to be about Kirk and Spock, about their
relationship,” said Roberto Orci, co-screenwriter of the new film. “This is
just another element in that relationship. It’s more than a bromance, but
whether it’s a full-fledged romance depends on how you interpret the scene
where they share a bed. When we were writing the script, we referred to it as a

The character of Dr. McCoy, meanwhile, is openly gay and in
love with Kirk – an obvious-in-retrospect explanation for his dislike of Spock.

Karl Urban plays the gay love smitten Dr. Richard "Bones" McCoy

“I bet it’s not just his blood that’s green!” he says in a
line from the film that many think will become the character’s new catchphrase.

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