Exclusive: More details on Cheyenne Jackson joining “30 Rock!”

Exciting news Cheyenne Jackson fans! I just had the chance to ask 30 Rock executive producer and writer Robert Carlock a couple of questions about Cheyenne’s joining the cast this season.

Will Cheyenne be a regular and what will his character be?

He’ll be hopefully coming in and out. He’s a busy guy and we’ve had him in for one [episode]. The idea is that he’s someone in our world and one of the work place arcs in the beginning of the season is Jack and his effort to appeal to a broader audience into what he keeps calling "real America" to Liz’s dismay. He wants to bring in a new cast member to TGS and Cheyenne ultimately fills that role. He’s great and we’ve all seen him on Broadway. 

Will Cheyenne be doing any singing?

Boy, I hope so. We haven’t hit that yet. I’ll get a duet with him and Jane [Krakowski]. It would be bad if we walked up to that bell and failed to ring it. But hopefully yeah.

Carlock seemed reluctant to divulge too much more, but I love the idea of Cheyenne playing the character that Jack wants to appeal to Middle America. The role sounds like it has a lot of potential and it definitely sounds as if he’ll be appearing on and off throughout the season. 

And the idea of Cheyenne performing with Jane is killer

Stay tuned for more details!

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