Exclusive: Scott Evans’ First Interview

It’s not hard to think of famous actors who happen to be siblings. There are the Baldwin brothers, of course, as well as the Wayans brothers. There is Matt Dillon and Kevin Dillon, and Luke Wilson and Owen Wilson.

Then there is Chris Evans and Scott Evans.

Wait — Scott who?

Perhaps you’re not familiar with that last actor just yet, but with any luck, you will be soon. Scott Evans currently plays Officer Oliver Fish on One Life to Live, a character about to embark on a relationship with another man. If you’re especially sharp-eyed, you might have spotted Evans on a recent episode of Fringe where his character died in a rather horrible fashion.

Oh, Evans also happens to be the younger brother of Chris Evans of Fantastic Four fame.

With his new storyline on OLTL set to unfold over the next couple of weeks, now seemed a good time to chat with Scott about his career, his famous sibling and more. It turns our timing couldn’t be better as Scott just decided he was ready to start talking to the press and AfterElton.com got him first! 

AfterElton.com: Getting ready for our interview, I went looking for other interviews you’ve done and couldn’t find any. Have you done others? Or did I just miss them?
Scott Evans:
I have not. This started out as a small role that’s just sort of been growing, and I haven’t done too much yet. It’s all been small things, and I’ve been flying under the radar up till now.

AE: So we get the exclusive scoop. Let’s start with some basic information about you. How old are you? Where are you from? Where did you go to school?
I’m 25-years-old. I grew up in Sudbury, Massachusetts, which is a little suburb about half an hour outside of Boston. I’m a big Boston fan. Go Boston! I went to school at New York University, left for a couple years, then just went back and finished up.

AE: When did you get into acting?
When I was much, much younger, there were things my mother and I wanted to do, then I put it on the backburner. I stayed doing theater through high school, then in college I wasn’t even sure that was what I wanted to do. Then I started auditioning, and when I came back to school, I ended up getting this like a month before I graduated. It was very lucky for me.

AE: And you had a guest spot on Fringe. That was certainly a nasty way to die!

It was disgusting. Absolutely. The eyes bleeding out. For such a little scene, it was a very long, messy day.

AE: How long did that scene take?
Oh gosh. There was two tall days of work for that three minute intro. Fourteen hour days, a lot of makeup, and a lot of blueberry pie getting shot all over the place.

AE: It was an intense little scene.
My mother wasn’t too happy watching her baby boy die, but it turned out nice.

Scott as Ben on Fringe

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