Exclusive Sneak Peek at Justin’s Storyline on Wednesday’s “Ugly Betty”


This post discusses major plot points from Wednesday night’s Ugly Betty! Stop reading if you don’t want to know. 

Wednesday night marks the second to last episode of Ugly Betty and after watching an advance screener, AfterElton.com is happy to say it should leave Ugly Betty fans very happy. For those hoping for a resolution to Justin’s coming out storyline, you definitely get it. 

The hallmark of the show has been it’s ability to be genuinely heartwarming without being sentimental or schmaltzy, and the way Justin finally comes out perfectly encapsulates how Betty‘s creative team, from executive producer/head writer Silvio Horta right down to actor Mark Indelicato, manage to consistently do just that. 

The big moment takes place at Hilda‘s wedding, but not before we have some very sweet scenes of Justin hanging out with Austin, as well as Justin again turning to Marc for advice (who gives the perfect advice) and Hilda finally forcing Bobby to spill the beans about Justin. That last revelation leads to an overly enthusiastic Hilda and Ignacio throwing a surprise coming out party for Justin that both Bobby and Betty are skeptical of.

Fortunately, Marc is around to share his thoughts on the matter. 

It seems that in their very well intentioned desire to show Justin how accepting they are, Hilda and Ignacio forgot this is about him and not them.

That takes us to the day of Hilda’s wedding where Austin is attending as Justin’s "friend." It’s in these scenes that Mark Indelicato shows what a fine actor he is.

As he watches the other happy couples dance, the pain of the closet and the fear of coming out flicker across his face in a way that was horribly familiar to me as a gay man. I not only felt myself flash back twenty years to shortly before I came out, but I even felt the stab of fear in my gut that I used to feel continously while still in the closet.

Fortunately, thanks to the love of his family and the support of Marc, Justin figures out what to do.

Next page! Justin’s official coming out!

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