Eytan Fox’s “Gad” to tell the story of a gay Jewish hero in World War II


The Bubble, Walk on Water and Yossi and Jagger filmmaker Eytan Fox is fast becoming the most prolific and accomplished gay filmmaker working today whose work consistently brings the stories of gay men to the screen.

It’s just been announced that his next project will be Gad, the true story of a young gay Jewish man named Gad Beck who fled the Nazis, joined the resistance, and delivered dozens of Jews from death. Fox and his longtime collaborator and partner Gal Uchovsky are writing the script. 

It’s news enough that a filmmaker is telling the story of a gay man who overcame his oppressors and saved lives, especially given that most films that speak of gays during the Nazi regime are tragic, not heroic. But even better news is the fact that this will mark Fox’s first film that is produced mostly in English, and that the filmmakers hope to cast an American actor in the title role.

It says volumes about the state of Hollywood today that it takes a filmmaker from another country – one with a far less established film industry – to make an English-language film about a gay wartime hero like this. We’ll be watching this one closely and are already dreaming up casting ideas for the lead. Any suggestions? 

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