“Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane champions gay rights and “a good *ss f*ck” with Bill Maher


Say what you will about the way that The Family Guy and American Dad handle their gay humor, but creator Seth MacFarlane (who also happens to have the most lucrative TV contract in the HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE right now) has got our backs and is not afraid to say so.

This weekend the foul-mouthed funnyman appeared on Bill Maher‘s Real Time panel, and when Maher pointed out that MacFarlane is a "big champion of gay rights", MacFarlane immediately agreed, noting, "I like a good *ss f*ck as much as the next guy," flirted with another straight panelmember and then got to the real story:

That’s an issue where … it’s okay for the people who have made that leap to kind of yank the rest of the nation forward. Because while you have people who are deliberating as they’re watching Dr. Phil, and trying to figure out, "Gee, am I okay with this or not?" … you’ve got couples who are just trying to get on with their f*cking lives, and why is it they have to wait for these people?

Amen, brother. GoodAsYou has the full, profanity-enhanced clip.

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