Fantasy Football: 15 Hot Men of the Gridiron

From lithe quarterbacks to beefy linebackers, wicked-fast wide receivers and striking defensive ends, American football is made up of specialists, young men who have dedicated their lives to perfecting the bodies, and performing at their best. But the pure athleticism of American football is often obscured by mountains of padding and massive helmets built to resist concussion. But underneath all that you’ll find some big hearts and ripped muscles.

Here’s a list of the 15 Hottest Men of Football – forgive me, the list is heavy on quarterbacks. (I’ve had a weakness for quarterbacks since high school). Check them out … and, though there’s unfortunately not a tight end among them, get ready to do a little touchdown dance.

David Anderson
Wide Receiver – Free Agent

For a guy who catches balls for a living, Anderson was at the top of his game and looked to have a brilliant career. He set records in college for career yards and receptions, but has had a spotty time in pro football. At the moment, he may or may not be signed to the Houston Texans.

Brendan Ayanbadejo
Baltimore Ravens – Linebacker

Oladele Brendon Ayanbadejo is famous for making a play that led to one of the biggest upset comebacks in Monday Night Football history. In 2004, while getting sacked, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady threw the ball up for grabs. Dolphins linebacker Ayanbadejo caught the interception and the Dolphins went on to win the game by a single point.

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