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Daily TV Listings, Morning Meme, Daily Briefs, The Shipping News, Best Movie Ever, Weeklings and more.


Welcome to The Backlot

The old AfterElton gets a facelift.


Lyle Masaki brings you daily TV listings worth your attention as well as breaking TV news

Morning Meme

Ed Kennedy’s carefully curated daily compendium of internet odds and ends

Daily Briefs

Our own dear snicks brings you an afternoon roundup of breaking stories, birthday shoutouts, the pixuzzle… and of course the daily briefs guy!


Every Friday Louis Virtel picks a trending pop culture topic and rips it a new one in our popular video series.

Best Movie Ever?

Our classic movie retrospective explores the films that should be a part of everyone’s DVD collection.

TV Recaps

All our recent episodic reviews and snarkfests: from Glee to Teen Wolf to Game of Thrones and more.

Langford on Soaps

Anthony Langford’s weekly column rounds up casting news, video clips, spoilers and plot reviews for international soap operas with gay characters.

The Shipping News

Our resident slash experts, Aja Romano, Adri, Hannah, Yvonne and Catherine bring you the latest developments in slash fandom. From great fan art to new popular pairings to mainstream media’s coverage of slash

Needs More Gay

Rantasmo gives serious thought to the internet fads and cult move classics that resonate with gay men.

Ask JT

JT Riley answers your questions on dating, modern etiquette, dealing with family conflict and… mixing the perfect cocktail.


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