First Pics of Alby’s Love Interest on the Set of “Big Love”

Earlier this week we posted about the fact that Big Love‘s villainous closet case Alby Grant is getting a love interest named Dale Tomasson played by Benjamin Koldyke. And now we’ve got the first two pics of Koldyke as Tomasson, a closeted Mormon who is actually part of the hierarchy for the United Effort Brotherhood.

So the set-up is thus: Dale is a closet case member of a homophobic religion and is in charge of one the religion’s even more homophobic offshoot branches and he’s in love with another creepy closet case? Are you thinking what I’m thinking? They are so the new Kish!

Benjamin Koldyke with Bill Paxton
(Photo credit: Lacey Terrell/HBO)

(Photo credit: Lacey Terrell/HBO)

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