“Game of Thrones”: Shoots and Ladders


This week Lady Olenna cemented her status as the Julia Sugarbaker of Westeros, Ygritte broke the ice with Jon Snow, and Sansa‘s situation went from bad to worse.

First off, this week’s parental guidelines notably lacked a “Nudity” warning, so you can go ahead and skip this episode if that’s your thing.

Up North of the Wall, Spamwise Tarly (John Bradley) and Gilllllllyyyyyy (Hannah Murray) play house in the frozen forest. She teaches him how to build a proper fire, and he returns the favor by showing her the arrowhead he found in the snow and warming her heart with stories of how awesome Castle Black is, with its great soup and singing soldiers. He sings a song for her baby, who seems to like it. Also: they are totally going to be eaten by something.

Due South, Osha (Natalia Tena) and Meera Reed (Ellie Kendrick) bicker about who can skin a rabbit better. Bran (Isaac Hempstead) tells them that they are both pretty and can stop arguing. Jojen Reed (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) has a vision in his sleep, which looks suspiciously like a seizure. He’s also sleeping under a pelt of what could only have come from the fiercest beast in Westeros: The Cookie Monster.

Jojen awakens to tell them that he saw Jon Snow – and he was on the wrong side of the Wall, surrounded by their enemies.

Speaking of Snow (and snow), Jon and Ygritte (aka “Snowy Egret”) engage in some pillow talk that involves neither pillows nor anything remotely romantic. Ygritte (Rose Leslie) remarks, “You’re a proper lover, Jon Snow,” but then follows it up by adding that she knows he’s still a crow in his heart and that if he betrays her, “I’ll cut your pretty cock off and wear it ’round me neck.” I smell a new line of Shoebox Greetings for Free Folk!

Jon (Kit Harington), meanwhile, seems to realize that he’s gotten himself into a pickle, and that climbing the Wall isn’t going to be easy.

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