Gareth Thomas Has Attitude

The latest print issue of U.K.’s Attitude has gay rugby star Gareth Thomas as its cover guy. As you’ll recall, Thomas recently came
to London’s
Daily Mail. As far as we can tell, the Attitude piece is his first interview
with a gay publication.

He shares his excitement about being on the cover of Attitude because he sees it as a way to
communicate directly with the gay community:

is a whole new thing, talking to people who wouldn’t have a clue who I am and
are now going to read about me, and I want to be part of the community. They
look out for each other. I don’t know if they will, but I really hope people
respect me, because I respect them".

Photos credit: Josh Van Gelder/Attitude  

Gareth goes on to discuss his personal life. Those of us crushing on him can
rejoice – he is single but wants to find a boyfriend…

"I know
a lot of gay men are looking for love. I’ve done this as well in the hope that
I can find somebody… The thought now is exciting; sitting down to watch
telly, to cuddle up to somebody, to be able to show affection to somebody is
exciting. …. Externally I may look like a tough f*cker but emotionally I’m as
soft as… I’m caring… I’ve got a lot of love to give…. I wouldn’t be
ashamed to walk down the street hand in hand with someone."

Want to read the full interview but don’t have Attitude at your local newstand? U.S. residents can purchase a digital issue at the magazine’s website.

For more great photos of Gareth Thomas check out our photo retrospective of his career here.

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