Gay Celebrity Boyfriends!

Ah, celebrities! We just can’t get
enough of ‘em. We adulate them, imitate them, fantasize about them,
and sometimes, yes, even ridicule them.

And now that more and more celebrities
are bravely coming out, we gay and bisexual men and our supporters have
more celebrities to fixate on than ever before.

But you can’t obsess over celebrities
forever. Eventually the time comes to move on
to other things.

What’s that, you say? You think I’m
talking about our own mundane lives?

Don’t be ridiculous! I’m talking
about these celebrities’ boyfriends!

But while lesbians have Ellen and Portia
and Melissa and Tammy, gay and bisexual men have never had an openly
gay power-couple, where both members of the duo are bona fide celebrities
(and no, Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl don’t count). For all the
openly gay celebrities to date, their other halves have been non-celebrities,
mostly unknown to the public at large.

So what it’s like to be the gay wind
beneath someone else’s wings?

It’s complicated, Neil Patrick Harris
recently told Out Magazine.
“If we walk hand-in-hand down the red carpet together, then he’s
known as being linked to me. But if I walk down the red carpet and he
goes ahead of me, then it looks like we’re not proud of being with
each other.”

No doubt these relationships are

Given that so many of these celebrities
and their boyfriends are so attractive, let’s face it: they’re also
kinda hot.

Anyway, decided to take
a closer look at the mostly-unheralded folks who carve out their own careers in the shadows
of their more famous counterparts!

Mark Cornelsen (Boyfriend of T.
R. Knight)

Photo credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Much has been made of the age difference
between Cornelsen, 19, and his celebrity boyfriend,T . R. Knight, 35.
But by all accounts, the relationship has been great for them both.

The two men met in October of 2007
when Knight was hosting an award ceremony for the Matthew Shepard Foundation
and Cornelsen was the 2007 Matthew Shepard Point Scholar. “I was surprised
he was interested!” Knight has said.

But Cornelsen reportedly grew up early,
leaving home at age 16 when his parents rejected him for being gay.
He graduated high school a year early and worked multiple jobs to pay
for college at San Francisco State University. The couple now live together
in Los Angeles, but — despite being misquoted on a number
of websites — say they have no plans to marry or adopt a child any
time soon.


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