Gay Green Lantern: Not Exactly Earth 2 Shattering

When DC announced they were turning one of their mainstream characters gay, I guessed Green Arrow. So I was half right. Why did I guess Arrow? Maybe there’s just something sexually suspect about the color green in comics. For instance, I don’t know if the Green Hornet is gay, but he had his own suspiciously cute sidekick long before Batman met Robin.

Once Green Lantern was the newly confirmed bachelor, I wasn’t exactly amazed by DC’s bravery and boldness. But I was happy enough. I mean, Hal Jordan, founding member of the Justice League? That’s solid. Right up there with Flash and that guy who talks to fish. With a good writer, he could be the Kurt Hummel of the superhero ensemble cast.

But as we all now know, DC meant that other Green Lantern. The one who lives on Earth 2.

I teach a course on superheroes, which is pretty much what you need to understand the ever evolving DC multiverse. So let me make it simple: Earth 2 ain’t us.

They’re talking about some guy named Alan Scott. Who, yes, was the original 1940 Green Lantern. But, I’m sorry, unless you’re visualizing a clashing red and green ensemble with a high-collard cape, that’s not the Green Lantern. When DC first rebooted their universe in the late 1950’s, Lantern got the full makeover: costume, origin, alter ego. The retired Alan Scott didn’t belong to a Corps of interplanetary policemen. He was an Aladdin’s lamp knock-off. His lantern was magic.

And I have absolutely nothing against him. But a gay Green Lantern on Earth 2 is not earth-shattering. It’s not even earth-2-shattering. As one reader commented at “So what if he’s gay? This is Earth-2 and this is not the same Alan Scott from the golden age, this is an alternate version of the character like the gay Colossus in Ultimate Marvel.”

That’s right. Gay superheroes aren’t just secondary characters like, say, Oscar Martinez on The Office. Their entire universe is secondary.

And yet the conservative activist group One Million Moms is orchestrating an email campaign “to change and cancel all plans of homosexual superhero characters immediately.” Alan Caruba calls the new old Lantern “a form of gay indoctrination for a new, younger generation.”

If only. It’s neither a step forward for gay rights or a step backwards. Writer James Robinson suggested converting the Earth 2 Lantern only because the reboot erased the character’s gay son. So the cosmic quotient of gay superheroes remains the same: pretty damn small.

Meanwhile, anything goes on an Earth 2. Remember those sibling mutants Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver? They’re the reigning incest couple on Ultimate Marvel. But don’t worry, they’re still their former and perfectly wholesome selves back her on Normal Earth. Just like Heterosexual Hal.

What DC really deserves credit for already happened. And it happened without headlines and conservative backlash. While last year’s gay reboot news swirled around the lesbian Batwoman, the real change was for Apollo and Midnighter, comic book’s leading gay superhero couple.  Like the gay Green Lantern, they lived in a different universe. In fact, DC had them quarantined in their own imprint, WildStorm, a previously independent publisher DC bought up in the late 90’s. Readers feared the reboot would wipe out not just the heroes’ marriage but their sexualities. But not only do the two remain gay, they and their secondary dimension were welcomed into DC’s mainstream continuity.

Apollo and Midnighter now hang out with former Justice Leaguer Martian Manhunter. Who, incidentally, is green. But for once the straight guy is the secondary choir member. It’s Apollo and Midnighter belting out the lead duet.


Chris Gavaler teaches at Washington & Lee University and writes about comics at his website The Patron Saint of Superhereos.


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