Gay kiss on Spain’s “American Idol” (“Operacion Triunfo”), to wild applause

Alright, this is one of those times when I’m regretting having taken German in high school.

It seems that the Spanish singing competition Operacion Triunfo (the equivalent to our American Idol) has several out gay contestants this season, and that one of those contestant’s romance with his husband has become the highlight of the season.

We can’t understand a word of the show and all of the fansites that we’ve found are impenetrable even by Babelfish and Google Translator, but this is what seems to be going on: A 34-year-old American contestant named Chipper Cooke has been doing exceedingly well in the competition, and his relationship with his husband has been put squarely in the spotlight.

Starting right from the beginning with the auditions, the relationship of Chipper (who barely speaks Spanish but is learning as he goes) and his fella have been a part of his story, as we see him picking up Chipper from his successful audition and walking away with his arm around him after giving him a quick kiss.

In the first episode, prior to Chipper’s singing “My Girl”, the host found Chipper’s adorable hubby in the audience, who said “I love you!” (in English) to his fella in encouragement.

But the most stunning display of support was when, on Saint Jordi day, Chipper’s man (and he is referred to on screen as his “marido”, or husband) was invited on stage to present Chipper with flowers. The two men embraced and kissed and Chipper cried, all to the deafening cheers of the crowd:

I dare you to watch the above clip and not get a little weepy. I mean, this guy sure did:

Not for nothin’, but that shot kind of reminds me of the moment during Kevin and Scotty’s wedding when we see the look on Saul’s face.

Apparently, Chipper’s family Stateside was not aware that he is married to a man (we haven’t been able to confirm this), so this love story may be as big of a surprise to them as it is to us. (The only mentions of Cooke on English-language sites suggest that he was married to a woman when living here in the States.) I guess that’s one way to come out!

If anyone fluent in Spanish learns anything more about this story, please feel free to share in the comments. We’ll be following Chipper’s progress (and the other gay contestant, once we can figure out who he is) and will update. Go get ‘em, Chipper! (Huge thanks to Aurélie for the tip!)

You know, when American Idol finally decides to grow a pair and celebrate the diverse sexualities of its contestants, maybe I’ll tune in. Can you wonder why Chipper might have headed to Spain to break out? For shame, Simon…

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