Gay Mormon set for Survivor: China

CBS has unveiled the cast for the next season of Survivor (I know, I had no idea it was still on myself), and it includes 22-year-old gay Mormon flight attendant Todd Herzog.

In his cast video Herzog says the biggest challenge will be not having a Starbucks on the island, but we have a feeling that getting along with Leslie, a Christian radio talk show host, might be a bit tougher than going without Frappucinos. I was under the impression that Mormons couldn't drink coffee (having lived and worked at a coffee bar in Salt Lake City myself), so it's interesting that Herzog's hobbies include "traveling, shopping, and drinking coffee." Actually, Mormons can't be gay, either … so all bets are off, I guess.

Herzog says he'll be great on the show because he's got great social skills and is prepared to "gather wood and sh*t." That would be great if the show were called Tinderboy, but we'll have to see if he's got the skills needed to truly compete.

He's actually the second gay Mormon to compete on the show. Survivor: Guatemala featured Rafe Judkins, an Ivy Leaguer who grew up in Utah. Rafe did pretty well for himself on the show, but ultimately didn't win. Here's hoping Todd follows in the footsteps of Richard Hatch (except for the prison part!).