Gays of our Lives: Aaron’s fateful decision on “Emmerdale,” What Kept “Eastender”‘s Gay Story Going and More!

In this week’s all new edition of Gays of our Lives is Roman’s
ex-lover a threat to his future with Deniz on All That Matters? Plus,
Reid and Luke have a surprising encounter on As the World Turns, all in GOOL THEATER. In GOOL
SCOOPS AND SPOILERS, Aaron makes a fateful decision on Emmerdale while
the Glee kids mount a tribute to Madonna. In GOOL NEWSBEAT, John
Partridge talks about what nearly derailed his latest storyline on EastEnders.
Also, is there reason to worry about the future of Doctors?

All this – and more!





The World Turns

The pairing of Luke and Reid continues to gain steam, thanks to some
effective writing, plus terrific acting by both Van Hansis and Eric Sheffer
Stevens. Luke and Reid have been dancing around one another since their very
first scene back in January. On most soaps, especially this one, if they were a
straight couple they would have slept together by February. And while usually
having gay characters being treated differently is a liability, I think this
time it’s really helped the story.

Because the writers were actually forced to spend time letting us see these
characters develop a genuine bond, it has made the story that much more compelling,
and Luke and Reid are a couple fans want to root for. There’s no denying that Luke
and Noah are a beloved couple, but Luke and Reid gain more fans everyday. Even
die hard Luke/Noah fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to see what
happens next for this new pairing, and that’s a testament to how well the story
is being handled.

The scene where Reid told Luke about his patient that died was particularly
effective, although I admit I did feel a wee bit sorry for poor Noah. Here he was
on the phone telling Luke how much he appreciates Luke spending time with Reid
on his behalf, while Luke and Reid were making eyes at each other! But it only
whets my appetite for the drama to come.


Wow. Well it only took a few months, but Christian is finally saying the
things he should have been saying to Syed a long time ago. After suffering
silently in the background for far too long, Christian is standing up for
himself and telling Syed he is better than being his lover’s dirty little secret, and
he deserves more in a relationship.

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