Gays Of Our Lives: Could Backstage Changes Affect “Days of Our Lives” Gay Storyline?

In the May edition of Gays Of Our Lives…

In GOOL THEATER, Spanish soap Fisica O Quimica begins it’s new season with Fer and
David about to make a big decision in their lives. But are they up for the
challenge? And Brendan stirs up trouble for Ste and Noah on Hollyoaks.

Christian and Olli’s marriage falls apart on Forbidden Love and Iolo deals with an incident from his past that
continues to haunt him on People of the

And in GOOL NEWSBEAT, find out
how behind the scenes changes at Days of
Our Lives
could affect their upcoming gay storyline. Also, Emmerdale’s Marc Silcock shares his
thoughts on Jackson’s
tragic fate.

All this – and more!



I think it’s great that this
show wants to tackle controversial subjects. Kudos to them for that. But if
they’re going to do it, they need to handle it much better. While the acting is
always spot on, the writing is full of holes. So much character motivation is
left for the viewer to decide.

For example, why did Hazel
agree to help Jackson
die? Watching your only child die has to be a difficult ordeal for a parent and
playing a part in it has to be agonizing. And while we can see how difficult
this is for Hazel, we don’t know how or why she came to make the choice that
she did. She literally changed her mind from one scene to the next, and as a
viewer it’s difficult to make that leap as the show isn’t telling us how she
got there.

As for Aaron, his decision to
help Jackson
makes even less sense. Even though he is clearly against the suicide, rather
than have Jackson break up with him and end
things Aaron decides to go along with Jackson’s
plans. I’m sorry, but what is the logic in that? In helping Jackson, he’s dead and then he’s out of your
life for good.

Aaron should have gone with his
instinct and forced Jackson
into getting some psychological help. At least then he’d be a part of Jackson’s life and he’d
feel he’d done everything to try and save him, even if the end result is the

For a storyline that has been
playing out for months and chews up a lot of airtime, the writers have done a
horrible job of taking us along on the character’s emotional journey and
thought processes. And for such a risky storyline, that is really needed to
make viewers want to follow along with them.

People of the Valley

I’m actually not sure what is
going on here. Is the show revisiting the Scott/Iolo kiss because they’re
finally going to tell some sort of coming out drama with Scott and get him and
Iolo together? Or is this just another plot point in the triangle between
Scott, Sioned and Macs?

I honestly don’t know and the
show doesn’t seem to be tipping their hand one way or the other. I hear from a lot
of viewers who insist this is part of Scott and Iolo’s love story. Of course,
they keep forgetting that when the story was playing out last year, there
wasn’t much romance or passion or longing, just a lot of fighting.

chasing after married men or straight guys isn’t the answer, Iolo…

Scott never seemed particularly
attracted to Iolo. And he still doesn’t. He certainly hasn’t shown the same
interest in Iolo that he has in various women on the show. I’d think if this
story was about Scott and Iolo we might actually have some scenes between them
and some sense of longing on Scott’s part. Iolo would also have more a role in
the story other than mostly standing on the sidelines. Seems most of the drama
is between Macs, Sioned and Scott, so perhaps that’s what the story is about.

Scott a closeted gay… or it is just wishful thinking?

Then again, given how this show
drags stories out, Scott and Iolo could be the endgame. If so, it’s going to
take a very, very long route to get there. The Alun storyline also never seemed
to have a point until we got there. This show never takes the quickest path to
anything, and there are always lots of twists and turns before reaching its

So the jury is still out on
what this story is about or where it’s going. I’ve given up trying to predict
this particular soap long ago.

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