Gays of Our Lives: Love, Sex and Betrayal on “All That Matters”

This week, in Gays of Our
Lives …

In GOOL THEATER, Manuel and Lalo hit the sheets on Botineras while Roman and Marc’s steamy
affair continues on All That Matters. Noah
and Reid clash on As the World Turns.
In GOOL SCOOPS AND SPOILERS, Lafayette meets an intriguing man on True Blood as Aaron and Jackson consummate their relationship on Emmerdale. In GOOL NEWSBEAT, Emmerdale’s Danny Miller talks
about Aaron’s ‘first’ time and co-star Marc Silcock gives his thoughts on Aaron
and Jackson’s future. Also, dish on General
’s male rape storyline.

All this – and more!

Note: The
interview with All That Matters stars
Dennis Grabosch and Igor Dolgatschew will be in a later edition.



As The World Turns

As someone who has never cared for the character of Noah
Mayer (that is an understatement), I thoroughly enjoyed last week’s episodes
in which Noah’s multitudes of flaws were finally laid out in
detail. Someone needed to put Noah in his place, and the fact that the dressing
down came from Reid made me love the good doctor all the more.

I got a hearty chuckle when Reid basically told Noah that he
couldn’t stand him and was glad that their professional relationship was over.
Of course Noah, who is the eternal victim, tried his usual tactic of guilt
tripping, only to find Reid unfazed and unaffected.

After all, Reid has done nothing to feel guilty about. Yes,
he was attracted to Luke from the start, but he never did anything to try and
break Luke and Noah up and even tried to get them back together on more than
one occasion despite his own feelings.

It was also nice to see Luke’s eyes finally opened about
Noah’s flaws and for him to remind Noah that the state of their relationship is in large
part Noah’s fault. I was also glad he told Noah that has no business or say in who Luke chooses
to get involved with. Sadly though, Luke reverted to that old weak, begging
Luke when he asked Noah if he still cared. One step forward, two steps back, I guess.

I will say that to his credit, Jake Silbermann looked
particularly smoking last week. But someone should tell him that squinting
really hard is not acting.

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