Gays of our Lives (March 23, 2009)

Many soap fans talk about writing their own soap opera but for most of
them, this only remains an unrealized dream. That’s not the case for Mark Jones.
He actually did write, direct and produce his own soap opera that you can find
right here on the Web. The Edge of
is an internet based soap that has the same twists and turns and messy
plot complications that you can find on As
The World Turns
, Forbidden Love or any other of your
favorite soaps and dramas – and it even includes two prominent gay characters. recently talked to Jones about his online soap opera.

The Edge of Happiness creator Mark Jones Tell me a bit about
your background.
Mark Jones:
I’ve made two feature films, both gay themed: Eli Parker Is Getting Married? and the
other is a gay B horror movie called Fraternity
Massacre on Hell Island
. Eli Parker
is a coming out story, sort of a screwball comedy set on a farm in Mississippi. Both were
local Memphis productions with Memphis cast and crew.

The Edge of Happiness centers on the
attempted murder
of bride Elizabeth Perkins.

AE: What is On The Edge of Happiness about?
 The main storyline for "On The Edge of Happiness" is a ‘Who
Shot the Bride?’ storyline, very similar to "Who Shot JR?" Everyone is a
suspect, no one has an alibi. In the first episode, a bride is getting ready
for her wedding. Several people come into the bride’s chamber and
threaten her for one reason or another. At one point, she and her
brother, the church’s minister talk. During this time we learn that she
is blackmailing him. At the end of
the episode, as she is about to walk down the aisle, the lights go out and two
gunshots are heard in the darkness.

AE: How did you come up with the idea
for the soap opera?
I made two movies and I wanted to do something experimenting with the
Internet so that led to the idea of webisodes. I’m a huge fan of daytime soaps.
I always wanted to do a soap opera so I figured since I was going to do a
webisodic, I might as well make it my own soap opera.

I watched Days of our Lives
religiously in the late 80’s; my grandmother was a big Days of our Lives fan. I remember as a child in the 70’s she would
watch that. I also watched General
as well. Right
now I watch As The World Turns. I’m a
huge Luke and Noah fan.

Peter White (Christian Walker) and
Rev. John Perkins (Jonathan Lewis)
are the show’s prominent gay couple.

AE: Speaking of Luke and Noah, you
have two prominent gay characters in your soap opera. Why did you feel the need
to add that into the story?
Being gay myself, it’s important to me that gays are very visible in
all sorts of genres, be it film, TV, books, art, [or] webisodes. It’s just part
of life. Everybody knows a gay person. Even in a small town, gay couples should
be part of the storyline. We shot the cemetery scenes over a year ago … 11
months ago.

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