Gays of our Lives: More Torment for Syed on “EastEnders”, What’s Ahead on “Emmerdale”

This week in an all new edition of Gays Of Our Lives …

In GOOL THEATER, Syed’s torment reaches a breaking point on EastEnders, and Simon faces Will’s wife
on Doctors. Meanwhile, Noah now has
his eyesight back on As The World Turns, but
can he see the heat between Luke and Reid? In GOOL SCOOPS AND SPOILERS, Les Bleus‘ Kevin takes on a dangerous
case and Neil Patrick Harris guest stars on Glee. And in GOOL NEWSBEAT, find out what All That Matters’ Marc and Roman and Emmerdale’s Aaron and Jackson have to
say about the latest twists in their storylines.

All this – and more!






As regular readers of this column know, I haven’t been the
biggest fan of this storyline, but I did really enjoy this past week’s drama as
Will and Simon’s relationship finally came out into the open. Now that we’re
actually seeing Will’s POV and getting an insight into how he feels and thinks,
Will has become a much more real and vivid character.

I can feel his angst and pain over wanting to be with Simon
but not wanting to rip apart his family and ruin his son’s life. Richard Mylan
is doing a really good job of portraying his character’s conflict. I still
don’t feel sorry for Will, but I can understand his pain. So that’s something.
Quite frankly though, if Will is determined to keep things from his son,
perhaps he shouldn’t bring the kid to his secret lover’s place of work, have
intimate conversations with the boy in earshot, or engage afternoon hookups in
his house. Just saying.

I thought Simon standing up to Sophie and not trivializing
his relationship with Will or letting her off easy was great. Simon is proud of
who he is and it was great that he didn’t talk to Sophie from a place of shame.
And I was also glad that Simon used that place of pride to know that he
deserved more than to be Will’s piece on the side, even if his wife knows about
the affair.

I would bet this isn’t over yet. It’s hard to imagine to
this story ending right here.

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