Gays of our Lives (November 3, 2009)

It’s another week and another edition of Gays of Our Lives. This week in GOOL
THEATER there’s romance, passion, heartbreak and surprises on One Life to Live as Kyle, Nick and
Oliver prepare themselves for Llanview’s big gay wedding. Plus, Scott welcomes
a visit from his mother on River City,
Syed and Christian deal with a blackmailer on EastEnders and Santiago and Diego encounter new problems on Rich Kids, Poor Parents.

Noah’s back on As the
World Turns
and even I’ve missed him. But what’s he been doing while he was
away? Find out in GOOL SCOOPS AND SPOILERS. Plus, Simon discovers he has an
imposter on Doctors,
Kyle makes his choice between Nick and Oliver on One Life to Live, Lenny searches for a way to get away from Carsten
on the German version of Good Times, Bad
and GOOL SNEAK PEEKS for Brothers
& Sisters
, Degrassi: The Next
, and All That Matters.

Finally, in GOOL NEWSBEAT, Forbes March (Mason) is leaving As the World Turns after months of a
‘triangle’ with Luke and Noah that went nowhere and the actor has some candid
insight on what happened to make the story DOA. Plus, One Life to Live’s Scott Evans (Oliver) dishes his sexy
co-star, David Fumero (Cristian), an update on the future of out actor Thom
Bierdz on The Young and the Restless
and news on EastEnders,
, Trauma and Southland.

All this – and more!


GOOL THEATER – This was a particularly good week in soaps and
dramas featuring gay characters as I came away pretty much loving everything.
But what I loved the most really should be no surprise…

CLIP OF THE WEEK – One Life To Live

This was another great week for Llanview’s gay characters as
the wedding grew near…

The show continues to impress by writing the central
triangle between Oliver, Nick and Kyle as they would any other, with Nick
manipulating an ambivalent Kyle into marriage, Oliver desperately trying to
talk Kyle out of making a huge mistake, and Kyle caught between his love for
Oliver and his deep fear of being hurt and rejected again. Simple, but
emotionally complex.

It’s the moment of
truth between Kyle and Oliver…

And while the emotional outburst by Oliver at the wedding
was a little over the top and felt like it came out of nowhere, Scott Evans
nevertheless added another clip to his Emmy reel. But what really impacted me
was the look on Kyle’s face. Brett Claywell managed to convey so much with just
his change of expression. And judging by Nick’s reaction, he felt the change

And the ending, with Nick ready to get married, Kyle now
even more conflicted and Oliver’s face twisted in agony was classic, pure soap.
Kudos to OLTL for staging such a big
elaborate event and making their gay characters the center of the action.

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