Gays of Our Lives: Syed’s Desperate Search for a ‘Gay Cure’ on “EastEnders!”

This week, in Gays of Our
Lives …

gay couple Thomas and Florian from French soap Plus Belle la vie. Plus, EastEnders
is back! But have things changed for Christian and Syed? On Botineras Manuel comes out on national
television, and Olli has a question for Christian on Forbidden Love.

IN GOOL SCOOPS AND SPOILERS, Luke and Reid’s relationship
continues to cause problems at the hospital on As the World Turns, Marc has big news for Roman on All That Matters and Olli and Christian
face a life changing crisis on Forbidden

In GOOL NEWSBEAT, the latest on shocking upcoming storylines
for Coronation Street and Brothers & Sisters.
Plus, meet Física o Química’s
sexy gay teacher.

All this – and more!




Are Aaron and Jackson boyfriends or what? It’s hard telling.
Except for a few off hand references to sex, they come off as friends. If you
saw a scene between Aaron and Jackson and Aaron and Adam, you’d think the
relationship was the same. I’m not saying that Aaron and Jackson should be all over each other, but I
still think boyfriends or lovers would have some kind of physical interaction.
And the fact that they don’t is kind of glaring.

Also I don’t understand the hostility between Aaron and
Carl. Unless the two have some sort of bad blood between them (and perhaps they
do because there was a time when I wasn’t watching the show), it all seemed
rather forced. Aaron and Carl were being jerks because the script told them to,
not because of any real animosity. Worse, Carl comes off as slightly
homophobic, which seems out of character for him.

And since when did Aaron care about Holly? When they were
dating, it was pretty clear he didn’t really like her and was just using her.
And they’ve had no interaction except for one or two scenes for months. So why
is Holly suddenly hanging out with them, and why in the world would Aaron keep
Holly’s drug use a secret? Even if he didn’t tell her parents, he’d at least
tell Adam.

It makes no sense. Then there’s the fact Holly is such an
unappealing and unlikeable character that it’s really hard to care about her or
her problems. This plot arc is a failure all the way around. Let’s hope that
it, or at least Aaron’s role in it, is over soon.

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