“GIrls” Season 2 Trailer: The 5 Best Moments

On January 13, Girls returns for its second season and presumanbly throws more of creator Lena Dunham‘s sardonic, thoroughly modern neuroses at us. I loved this show and can’t wait for its return, because with the exception of Zosia Mamet‘s slightly-too-arch virginal character Shoshanna, Girls captures a realistic and heretofore unexplored perspective on TV. It may not represent everybody, but that’s why it’s great. That’s why it should be celebrated.

In the season two trailer, we learn that some of my personal favorite things are returning.


1) Thank God Jorma Taccone is back as nefarious artist Booth Jonathan. Last season he riled my loins by cornering Marnie and whispering, “I want you to know, the first time I f*ck you, I might scare you a little, bcause I’m a man, and I know how to do things.” This season his naughty come-on is a little lamer (“You like someone who’s about to have sex with me.”), but whatever, I’m in. God is he cute.

2) Psyched for what appears to be an even greater Andrew Rannells presence!

3) Believe it or not, the character I find the least interesting here is Jessa, even though her resemblance to people in my own life is downright eerie. “You tend to overthink things. That’s a problem for you,” she tells Hannah. Oh? F*ck you. What the hell kind of advice is that? I think you underthink things, Jessa. How about that?

4) Chris O’Dowd! Sexy Bridesmaids sexiness. 

5) You have to love a show that lets all four of its lead characters be unlikable whenever it wants. Sex and the City often made the mistake of believing that Carrie was permanently endearing. Girls says, “Hey! I suck sometimes!” and wears that banner with pride. I’m right there with them. 

Are you torqued too? Tell me allll about it.

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