GLAAD Filing FCC Complaint Against “José Luis Sin Censura”

José Luis sin Censura FCC Complaint

José Luis Sin Censura (translation: Jose Luis Uncensored) is a Spanish-language talk show taped in Burbank, California and airing daily in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Houston and other major markets. The network it airs on, Estrella TV, reaches millions — roughly 70% of all Latino households in the United States.

The show is patterned after Jerry Springer, with host José Luis presiding over ugly brawls among guests and the studio audience hurling jeers and insults. All too often, the guests being physically abused are GLBT, and the the chanted audience insults are Spanish-language equivalents of “faggot” such as “maricón,” “puto” and “puñal.”

The video below gives you a taste of what this show is beaming into millions of Hispanic American households on a daily basis:

Back in June of this year GLAAD issued a Call to Action which called on the show’s producers to curb the on-air homophobic violence and name-calling:

“Urging audience members to chant
such obscene words is shocking and shows a complete lack of
responsibility on the part of producers and programmers. These shows
send a dangerous message and can contribute to putting gay people in
harm’s way. This type of programming is unacceptable,” said Jarrett
, president of GLAAD.

Unfortunately, GLAAD’s appeal to the show’s producers was ignored, and the ugliness continues.

This morning GLAAD, together with The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) and supported by the Women’s Media Center (WMC) has filed a complaint with the FCC against José Luis sin Censura.

You can help by going to and participating in the online petition which sends letters to the FCC in support of GLAAD/NHMC’s complaint.

GLAAD and NHMC Presidents will have a web press conference
that readers can watch at 10AM PST/1PM EST on Monday.

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