“Glee”: Dark-Sided Fruity Voodoo

Glee recap

Previously on Glee, Kurt Hummel and Santana Lopez existed and spoke words and sang songs and danced dances and were beloved not only as beacons of light and sexiness for the queer communities they represent, but also generally accepted to be The Greatest by mainstream media as well. It was the best of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the epoch of belief, it was the season of Light, it was the spring of hope, we had everything before us, we were all going to heaven. It was Tale of One City — Bushwick. Alas.


The University of Lima is a place that has never existed until this exact moment. In fact, it might be a very elaborate figment of Finn‘s imagination. For one thing, you can just start classes at any old time during the semester. And for another thing, the entire campus is a non-stop clown-fueled rager. Finn is happier than ever here. People dancing on tabletops in the library, people dancing in the fountain in the courtyard, people dancing on top of a sleeping Noah Puckerman on Finn’s dorm room floor. Puck? Puck! He lives here now. He and Finn do that Joey/Chandler thing where they jump up and down and twirl all around while locked in a hug.


At McKinley, the kids are all recovering from the gun incident in their own ways. Brittany, for example, has decided to concentrate on her post-high school education. MIT has put out feelers, but their arts and crafts classes leave a lot to be desired. Tina is going full steampunk. Sam is splitting his identity between regular Sam and his Australian(?) twin brother Evan. And Marley has decided to stop hiding her beautiful, behatted, wildly naive light under a bushel. She is going to release her Original Songs out into the wild.


But first! NeNe Leakes is back! Apparently the head Cheerios job at McKinley is so lucrative that Roz abandoned her position as North Korea’s national cheerleading coach to replace Sue Sylvester. I confess that I was yawning and walking toward the kitchen when Will and Beiste were hashing out the never-changing details of Will’s on-going feud with his 18-year-old best friend, but I sat my ass right back down on my couch when Coach Roz stormed into the teacher’s lounge. Beiste and Will are still rightly traumatized by last week’s gun thing, but NeNe is all, “[Cheap racist joke]” and even the background actors roll their eyes.

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