Glee’s Missing Klaine “Box Scene” Revealed

Blaine liked it, but it seems Fox just wouldn’t let him put a ring on it.

That’s what Glee’s Klaine fans have assumed ever since a scene where Blaine gives Kurt a box containing a ring he’d made out of gum wrappers was cut from the Season 3 Christmas episode — a chop job so surprising my recap of the episode was entitled “No Box.”

Of course, scenes get cut all the time. The official word at the time was that the scene was cut for length, and we all know that losing one of the three scenes where Finn and Rachel go around and around about what he’s going to give her for the holiday would have been a tragedy of Titanic proportions.

But all things considered, the absence of the scene did seem a little suspicious. And it definitely left viewers curious. What did they say to each other in the scene? What did it mean to them as a couple?

Fortunately, the intrepid Klaine fandom managed to get the answers to those questions while raising thousands of dollars for an AIDS charity at the same time.

It all began when Klaine fans Teej and Heather saw that the “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” episode script was being auctioned off to benefit ProjectAngelFood, a Los Angeles charity that provides meals to people with HIV/AIDS and other serious illnesses.

Heather and Teej put out the word on Tumblr, and the fandom donated $4,200 to win the script. Then they kept donating, for a total organizers say has now reached $13,606.

“Initially, Heather and I thought it would just be a few of us, putting up one to two hundred dollars,” Teej told AfterElton. They had a feeling they’d guessed wrong when a single donation of $350 came in, and in the end, they were overwhelmed as the numbers just kept climbing.

“With each new donation that came in, people were excited that the money was going to such a good cause,” she said. “I know a few people have seemed jaded and skeptical, believing it was all done simply for the script, but truly, if the money had not been going to benefit such a wonderful mission as that of Project Angel Food, there is no way fans would have been as enthusiastic or supportive.” After all, she pointed out, the script for “Original Songs,” the episode where Blaine and Kurt first kissed, brought only $250.

“The fans wanted to take back what was ours, to see what the censors took out, and to do good for charity,” said Teej.

So, just what did we miss out on? Here’s the scan of the missing scene, from the Tumblr where the charity drive was organized, TheBoxScene:

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