“Gossip Girl” goes gay for its upcoming return … but which character?


Michael Ausiello posted some juicy scoop over the weekend that when Gossip Girl returns to small screens in April, one of its fellas may very well be batting for the other team. He then posts pics of Dan (Penn Badgley), Nate (Chace Crawford) and Chuck (Ed Westwick) and offers the following clues:

• This person may or may not be pictured above.
• The revelation significantly impacts the lives of at least three people. 
• The aftershocks will be felt on both sides of the East River.
• Some viewers will be surprised by the twist, others not so much.
• In the Gossip Girl novels, Dan was known to be a bit of a switch hitter — which isn’t so much a clue as it is a fact. A misleading fact? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

I honestly don’t watch the show, so these aren’t much help to me, although I do know that Dan’s sexuality has been up for discussion since the show was picked up (although he doesn’t come out until much later in the book series, from what I understand) and Blair’s dad is of course gay and shacked up with a male model in Paris.

The commenters so far seem to think there’s a clear candidate (I won’t spoil who) … any thoughts?

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