“Gossip Girl” recaplet: My Homometer just went to Eleven

Last night’s Gossip Girl (aka the un-gritty Skins) easily hit a high-water mark on the gayness scale … and thankfully some of that was actual gayness instead of the show’s usual implied gayness.

Most importantly, we got to meet Johnathan, Eric’s well-mannered but oddly-unstylish boyfriend. We get our first hints about Johnathan (played by Spring Awakening alum Matt Doyle) when Eric asks if he can invite a friend for the upcoming housewarming party and then prefaces Johnathan’s debut by introducing him to the family, first Chuck, then Serena. Johnathan is a "blink and you’ll miss him" role, but if Eric’s introducing him to family, maybe we’ll have more chances not to blink.

Eric’s new boyfriend, Johnathan

Johnathan doesn’t make it to the party, however, as Eric disinvites him after a talk with his stepfather, Bart. Eric tells Serena that he had a change of heart after Bart pointed out that there would be media at the party (he left out that National Coming Out Day was weeks ago). Serena, however, suspects it’s all about the conservative clients that Bart invited to the party.

After the break: There was Johnathan, and then there was all the HoYay.

The Constance Billard School’s freshest bromance, Nate and Dan

Last week’s Yale adventures are still sitting on my DVR but, apparently, the frustrated-with-being-shallow Nate formed a bond with the hopelessly-sincere Dan. First Serena, now Nate: Dan seems to be the go-to guy for people who want to be better people.

Nate knows to be creeped out by Chuck’s shoulder touch

You might remember that last season, Chuck was acting like he was trying to steal Nate away from Blair … and it turns out Chuck won’t accept anyone stealing his man away from him. "Isn’t it time you ended this bromance? What happens at Yale stays at Yale." he sneers at Nate in the halls. Chuck’s jealousy comes up again when Blair tries to draw Chuck into her latest scheme, promising a chance to hurt that BFF-wrecker, Dan. Oooh, bromantic love triangle … are the Gossip Girl producers campaigning for the next "Best HoYay! Moment" award?

We also learn that Dan is one of those guys who is more likely to have more female friends than guy friends, which leads to taunting from his sister Jenny and his dad, Rufus. Jenny teases Dan about a doll he had, Cedric, which continues when Dan calls Nate to hook up for a game of soccer.


Dan: Apparently we’re going to play soccer later. No big.



Jenny: Is Cedric invited?



Rufus: Jenny. Come on.



Dan: Thank you.



Rufus: Cedric would get dirty. And then Dan would have to bathe him.


That’s Rufus Humphrey, everyone: the dad who can deadpan a “My son is so gay” joke.

Squalor, Upper East Side style

Dan, meanwhile, discovers that Nate (whose family has lost its fortune because his dad is "the new "Michael Milken") is now squatting his old mansion, living behind the "Seized Property" signs. That gets Dan to call Jenny, seeking advice on how to get Nate to come home with him and, afterwards, suggest that he move in.

After all this, it’s hard to not to read subtext into the scene where Dan and Rufus decide they don’t like the popsicles they’re eating.

Sometimes a popsicle is just a popsicle. Sometimes.

With all this implied gayness, I’m starting to feel more confident that we’ll see the TV screen follow Dan’s "I Kissed a Boy (and now I’m having an identity crisis)" phase that comes up later in the books’ run. At the moment, however, I’m keeping my fingers crossed we see more of Doyle as Eric’s boyfriend.

Anyone else catch the ep? What did you think?

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