Greg Louganis: From Olympic Gold To “Splash” To Finding His Soul Mate

AE: So 25 years ago you were diagnosed with HIV and you came out publicly in the mid-90s…

AE: What were your thoughts at that time on the longevity of your life? Did you think you’d see your fifties? Were you hopeful?
No. I did not expect to be here at 53. I can’t remember when it was but it was like, ‘Holy shit. I’ve got to get a job. Oh my God. I’ve got bills to pay.”

AE: How has it been for you navigating dating as a celebrity? Is that something that you’ve mastered?
I hope so. For me it has been a positive progression. I made some bad choices, really bad choices. I guess people describe me as a serial monogamous so I was like, ‘I fall in love fast. I’m devoted.’ It just progressively got better. I make better choices and actually I am with someone.

Watching Louganis dive was and always will be poetry (and sexiness) in motion.

AE: What do you think pulls you towards somebody else? What attracts you to somebody?
It’s so funny, generally I usually went for opposites. You know, blonde hair blue-eyed and Johnny [Chaillot], when we first got together it was like, ‘We look like brothers.’ He has the same skin. The same skin tone, everything. I was like, ‘This feels really narcissistic.’ But I also realize the more I fall in love with him the more in love with myself. I always grew up hearing ‘Oh, your soul mate this and that.’ And I didn’t think it existed. I’m having second thoughts about that.

AE: How long have you guys been together?
Coming up to a year…I’ve always tried to make myself fit into somebody else’s life and then it turns around and they are trying to make themselves fit into my life and it doesn’t work that way. Here it’s like he has his life, I have mine, he has his identity, and I have mine. He’s secure with that.

AE: Now that you’re in this relationship, do your thoughts go to kids at all? Has that come up?
I’m not having kids. I don’t want to be an older parent. Even though my life is pretty active I know what it was like to have an older father. I’ll be the fun uncle. I think that’s good enough for me.

Splash premieres tonight at 8pm on ABC.


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