Happy 21st Birthday, Taylor Lautner! What’s His Hottest Moment?

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Taylor Lautner, the bronze prince of wiggy werewolf teen cinema, turns 21 years old today. Hooray! Now we can use those balloons that Sigourney Weaver kept waving around in Abduction to celebrate.

We’ve got a monstrous task ahead of us on this sacred day, gents. What’s Taylor Lautner’s hottest moment? And if that’s too hard to decide, follow my lead and help pick his most lovable moment.

This may blow your mind, but I haven’t even chosen a moment where Taylor Lautner’s shirtless. Not even close, in fact. I’m choosing his monologue from Saturday Night Live, which was a mostly awkward, unfunny affair that culminated with Lautner embracing his dorkiness, showing off his martial arts moves like a hyperactive kindergartener, and awkwardly knocking the block off of a Kanye West mannequin. It is endearingly ridiculous. And it’s definitely fun to slap around Kanye!

What was I supposed to pick, a Twilight clip? Please. Let’s be grownups. Like Taylor!

There’s also this, of course. Adorable. Thank you, Feast of Fun!

Your turn: Hit me. What’s Taytay’s hottest moment?


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