Happy Birthday, Diana Ross! Let’s Pick Her Best Moment

Well, stop in the name of love: Diana Ross is spending this very special day turning 69 years old, which I take as a thrilling compliment to the fight for gay marriage.

What’s the divine lady’s greatest moment eveeeer?

In terms of singles, I’m most devoted to Diana’s “Upside Down,” “It’s My House,” “Love Hangover,” “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” and, in the realm of the Supremes, “Come See About Me” and “You Can’t Hurry Love,” which she was singing on The Ed Sullivan Show when her glistening, Faberge Egg-sized earring crashed to the floor.

If we’re talking about Diana’s best film, you have to ease on down the road past The Wiz and choose Lady Sings the Blues.

But if we’re talking about Diana’s GREATEST moment, I say it exists at the confluence of film, music, fashion, utter camp, and sheer Diana fabness. While others rally on the steps of the Supreme Court, please remember how Mahogany once rallied for glamor on some steps and a snarky Anthony Perkins took photos of her being chic as hell. The end result was the most magnificent montage in the history of film, and the schmaltziest movie anthem ever. Love. It. 

Do you know where you’re going to, dear reader? Because Mahogany went there and back, fabulously.

What’s your fave Diana moment?

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