“Happy Endings” Double Episode: Queer He Is

Max competes in the Mr. Super Gay Chicago pageant, and gets a makeover from Jane

In the first of this week’s episodes, Dave and Alex train Max for the Mr. Super Gay Chicago Pageant.

Favorite Moments:

“I went to orientation and the competition is stiff. Okay, they disqualified that guy, but the rest of the competition is pretty good.”

Max’s answer to everything: Shoving his hands down his pants.

“This pageant is a disaster. It’s worse than the time I saw Bette Midler get on a horse.”


“This Pete thing has been such a rollercoaster. Ups … downs … barfing.”

“I want to see only whites. Dark pupils right to the back … I realize that that sounds bad.”

Sonny and … Gaga?

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