Happy Hunkoween! Here are 13 Horror Hotties for All Hallow’s Eve

AAHH! Giant leeches! They’re ripping my clothes off!

Halloween is nearly upon us once again, and for some of us it conjures memories we would rather keep suppressed. For instance, the little boy who went out one Halloween wearing a Thundarr mask he got from Woolworth and a fabulous sun sword he made from a whiffle bat.

The night went well until he got home and emptied the contents of his goodie bag and found 2 business cards, 3 mini-bibles, used wax lips, a brown banana, and someone’s dentures. Oh, and worst of all – candy corn.

Needless to say, that child was scarred for life from properly celebrating the gayest holiday of them all.

Fortunately, the energy he could have spent trick-or-treating every year was instead spent becoming a horror aficionado, with a special focus on the hot guys that provided eye candy in between the, well, horror.

Two years ago we gave you a list of horror’s hottest himbos, and now it’s time to expand on that list with even more horror hunks. Some are obvious and some are obscure, but they all certainly beat brown bananas and dentures. And especially candy corn.

Oh, and remember kiddies … four more days to Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. Four more days to Halloween – Silver Shamrock! (my undying love to whoever gets that reference).


The Winchester boys in Supernatural


Any list of horror hotties has to include brothers Sam and Dean Winchester from The CW’s long-running Supernatural. They’ve battled every kind of demon imaginable and became a fan-fic juggernaut. And all of that monster-hunting does a body good, especially for Sam, who obviously did a little extra hunting during the show’s off-season.

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