Help us brainstorm identities for Barney Stinton’s doppelganger on “How I Met Your Mother”

The buzz-worthy moment of last night’s How I Met Your Mother came when Marshall and Barney discovered "Stripper Lily", a pole dancing lookalike of the sweet, kindergarten teacher. She joins "Lesbian Robin" and "Mustache Marshall" in the pantheon of doppelgangers discovered by the HIMYM gang, with promises made that we’ll meet Barney and Ted‘s doubles soon.

If there’s one thing How I Met Your Mother does incredibly well, it’s making the audience wait for the pay-off for a joke (see Countdown, Slap Bet). At the risk of ruining the eventual joke (cuz we’re that smart), let’s dig through the archive of Neil Patrick Harris photos in AfterElton Blungeon™ for ideas of who Barney’s duplicate could be.

Lady Barney

This one seems too obvious for HIMYM, but it’d still be fun. Barney spots a woman at the bar at MacLaren’s, gets up to hit on her and when the rest of the gang checks her out, they notice a certain resemblance that Barney completely misses. Narcissism jokes abound.

Lab Tech Barney

Since Barney has already taken on a few different guises (we’ve already seen him transform from sensitive Gen X hippie to self-involved yuppie scoundrel) his twin needs to have some pretty different mannerisms, such as being a shy, quiet nerd who speaks in such a quiet voice you can barely hear him order a cup of chamomile tea.

Disco Barney

The producers have promised that HIMYM‘s 100th episode would be a musical and while the idea of Barney singing and dancing is pretty exciting, I like the idea of him being upstaged by his duplicate, prompting a flurry of practice (and, thus, more musical numbers) to better his twin.

Armed Barney

It would give the HIMYM gang a chance to yell "Everybody run! Barney Stinson has got a gun!" Hmm, maybe that could be a part of their musical episode.

Daytime Talk Show Barney

You know what would be the total opposite of Barney? An earnest Phil Donahue style talk show host. Donastinson could even end up trying to get Barney to face his issues.

Gay Dad Barney

The other opposite of the womanizing Barney would be a gay and totally domesticated man. And, if HIMYM wanted to get meta, in this case Barney’s twin could also be Scooter’s (David Burtka) doppelganger.

What kind of doppelganger do you see for Barney? Let us know in the comments!

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