“Hit The Floor” 2.09 Oiled Ballers, Shocking Snogging, And Scott Evans

Adam Senn (L) and Brent Antonello

I think I had barely heard of VH-1’s basketball soap Hit The Floor before this week (although I might have thought it was about gymnastics), but I had never seen an episode and would have remained oblivious to its existence were it not for rumors of a possible gay storyline happening. Well, not only is a major gay story arc beginning, but it’s being coaxed out of the closet by TBL favorite and out actor Scott Evans!

For those who have never seen the show, here’s a brief synopsis: I have no idea what’s going on.

Since this was my first episode, I can tell you that the show centers on the fictional L.A pro basketball team The Devils, and focuses on some on the players, management, and especially the cheerleaders. Dean Cain plays the head coach, and there are of course, various romantic and soapy entanglements between the players and the cheerleaders.

One of the players is Zero (played by former supermodel Adam Senn), who is described as “Sexy, hugely successful and incredibly smart. But there’s more to Zero and his well-crafted image than meets the eye.” That sounds about right. Zero’s agent is Jude (played by Brent Antonello), who is trying to make a name for himself in the cutthroat world of sports agents … but he’s no Arliss.

Previously … on Hit The Floor

This happened. Zero tells Jude “I don’t know what I’d do without you,” and Jude responds with a liplock.

Zero immediately pulls away, but is remarkably understanding about what just happened.

Zero: “Jude! … You’re gay!”

Jude: “What? I’m not gay!”

Zero: “You kissed me!”

Jude: “No I didn’t. Not like that. You were upset. I just …”

Zero: “Kissed me on the mouth. Jude, it’s cool. You’re barking up the wrong tree, but clearly barking.”

Jude: “I’m not barking at anything”

Zero: “I gotta get on the plane. Jude, it’s fine. You’re gay! Be gay!”

Jude: “I’m NOT gay!”

Oh Jude. What’s the big deal? You’re a sports agent, it’s not like you’re a country music star. Zero gets on the plane, leaving Jude to stew.

Luckily for Jude, he’s about to get some help coming out, with the appearance of Scott Evans as photographer’s assistant Danny, who’s been hired for a photoshoot for the skin edition of a famous sports magazine. Which probably explains the hot basketball players oiled up.

Zero sits on the sidelines until Jude comes in and orders him to participate, and when Danny tells him they’ve already started, Jude threatens to pull the other players from the shoot unless Zero gets in on the oiled action. Zero asks Jude “Are you sure you’re not just doing this because you want to see me naked?” and when Jude replies with a “Ha-Ha, very funny,” Zero asks “You want to oil me up?” So either there’s something more going on here, or Zero is one helluva cock tease.

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