Hollyoaks: The Dishy Dozen

In the twelve years it’s been on our TV screens, Hollyoaks has made a name for itself with its sometimes steamy, sometimes controversial but definitely never boring, storylines. It’s also known for having one of the best-looking casts in British soap. So, to celebrate every year it’s been on our screens, here’s a run down of twelve of its hottest ever hunky characters.

In no particular order…

1. Kurt Benson (Jeremy Edwards)

The soap’s original bad boy, Kurt was good-looking, with a lovable cheeky charm and never short of female attention. However, trouble had a way of following Kurt and he was often in trouble with the police.

2. Ben Davies (Marcus Patric)

Hunky fireman Ben was an instant hit with the ladies from the moment he arrived in Hollyoaks. (It’s the uniform thing!) If ever you needed rescuing, Ben was the guy you’d want to do it. Although sadly he lost his way and turned into a bit of a sex maniac!

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3. Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy)

Whether it was his sexy shy smile or his gorgeous eyes, Luke Morgan was certainly easy on the eye. But his life was irrevocably changed when, in the show’s most ever controversial storyline, he was the victim of male rape.

4. Foz (Benjamin Hart)

Foz was Nancy Hayton’s slightly older tattooist boyfriend. He had tattoos. He had piercings. He was philosophical, intelligent, peaceful and artistic. And he had the most fantastic bone structure – not to mention a gorgeous dreamy voice.

5. Calvin Valentine (Ricky Whittle)

Oh, how we love a man in uniform and Calvin is no exception. Serious and straight-laced, he’s good at playing the hero and rescuing people from burning buildings. (Well, pubs!) It would almost be worth getting arrested just to be manhandled by PC Valentine!

6. Jake Dean (Kevin Sacre)

Tall, dark and handsome, Jake is something of a loner. Moody, sensitive and great with his hands – well, he was a landscape gardener! – he could almost pass for Jake Gyllenhaal. Well, they do share the same first name!

7. Russ Owen (Stuart Manning)

The SU barman has great bone structure and eyes you could literally drown in. Russ never seems to be short of female admirers. Which is probably a good thing, seeing as how his marriage has just broken down!

8. Spike (Tom Vaughan)

Spike is a DJ at the local pub and John-Paul’s first boyfriend. Confident, with a great sense of fun, Spike is protective of John-Paul and will always call it how it is. It’s no wonder Craig can’t stand him!

9. Adam Tyler (Philip Olivier)

Since when were teachers this fit? Poor old Adam is forced to examine his sexuality when he starts to develop feelings for one of his male students. It must be hard to concentrate on your studies when your teacher is as hot as Adam.

10. Jamie Nash (Stefan Booth)

Jamie was a cocky, confident jack-the-lad student whose main mission in life was to party, pull birds and have a good time. Thankfully, he saw the error of his ways and eventually calmed down. It was just a pity he was killed in a potholing accident.

11. Craig Dean (Guy Burnet)

Intelligent, crafty and never short of a few tricks up his sleeve, Craig can be both utterly charming and extremely jealous. Confused over his sexuality and growing feelings for best mate John-Paul, asking his on-off girlfriend Sarah to marry him isn’t perhaps Craig’s smartest move!

12. John-Paul McQueen (James Sutton)

Part-time DJ John-Paul is the boy next door every mom would want her gay son to date. Genuine, adorable and cute, he’s the perfect boyfriend material. But he’s embroiled in a tempestuous forbidden love affair with best bud Craig. And we all know how that’s going to end, don’t we?!