“Hollyoaks” video clip: Mercedes, Boy!

Today’s Hollyoaks clip is very short, but it gives me an opportunity to declare my love for Mercedes, who is the older sister of John Paul.

Why do I have such affection for her? Because frankly, she scares the bejeezus out of me. This is one tough chick, and her B.S. meter goes into hyperdrive when J.P. tells her that Kieron has left. As hard edged as she is, it’s obvious she loves her brother dearly, and heaven help anyone who hurts a member of her family.

Which is why Niall better watch himself. He’s playing master manipulator right now, lying to J.P. about Kieron and feigning concern for Tina (whom he pushed down the steps). But if Mercedes finds out the truth about what he’s done … let’s just say she’ll have a brand new pair of earrings to wear around town.

You can see today’s Hollyoaks clip after the break, and come back for more updates (and don’t worry … I have a strong feeling that Kieron will be back soon).

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