“Hollyoaks” Video Update: Blood In The Water

Brendan and Warren’s
plan to get rid of Danny went awry…

This week, we pick
up right where we left off: Brendan
was unable to go through with killing Warren at Danny’s behest, even though Ste’s life was at stake. Instead, he
schemed with Warren
to double-cross Danny. After learning what Danny had planned, Warren decided to take care of Danny himself.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Hollyoaks,
Jason remained unaware that his
family planned to institutionalize him in order to “cure” him of gender
identity disorder (GID) while Bart
tried to understand what Jason was going through.

Soaps don’t often
surprise me, but I admit I was surprised by Danny’s death. Oh, I knew that the
character was doomed. While the spoilers didn’t reveal who the victim would be,
they made it clear that either Brendan, Warren or Danny would die, and Danny is
the expendable character in the storyline.

But, I assumed
either Warren, who has killed before, would do the job or that Danny would die
in an accident, leaving both characters’ hands relatively clean. So I was
shocked, when in a fit of rage, Brendan
bashed Danny’s head in.

The scenes were
gripping, tense and well shot. The show’s decision to intertwine Danny’s murder
with clips from Brendan and Ste’s violent, stormy relationship was a smart one
that shows just how messed up Brendan is.

Emmett Scanlan was
excellent in these scenes, especially in the aftermath of the murder. Brendan
was shocked and horrified by what he’d done, as if he didn’t think he had it in
him to kill anyone, despite the threats and bluster and brutality he dishes out
on a regular basis.

And I loved the
black humor woven throughout, especially Brendan teasing Warren about his own murderous past, as
somewhat of a coping mechanism. The scenes of Brendan and Warren trying to get
rid of the body were great as well, providing for some funny and tense moments,
especially when they ran into the very suspicious (and very hunky) Det. Ethan Scott.

Emmett Scanlan and
Jamie Lomas (Warren) have great chemistry and wonderful
comic timing, and I love their scenes together. Now that their characters are
involved in an unholy alliance it’s going to be a lot of fun watching them deal
with, double cross and try to get one up on each other. I think these two are
very well matched.

Next page! The relatability of homophobic Irish mobsters. And serial killers can be oh so judgmental.

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