“Hollyoaks” Video Update: Coming Out On Top

As announced in
my Hollyoaks preview, this week officially kicks off
the gay relationship between Brendan
(Emmett Scanlan) and Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson). And with this clip, Brendan’s plot to get Ste
right where he wants him begins in earnest…

I know where
this is headed, and I also know that this storyline is going to get dark very
quickly, but I did have a perverse pleasure in watching Brendan completely play
Ste. From manipulating Ste into going out with him in the first place, steering him over to Cheryl’s place where
they could be alone, getting him to talk about sex and plying him with booze,
tripping him so they’d wind up in a clinch, getting Ste to make the first move,
then being ‘horrified’ when Ste kissed him, the whole thing was quite masterful.

I guess that’s
the beauty of a villainous character like Brendan. You know what he is doing is
totally wrong, even sinister, and yet watching him at work can be entertaining.
Emmett Scanlan does a good job of making
his rather sleazy and repellent character so intriguing that you can’t wait to
see what crazy stunt he pulls next. What helps is that Scanlan and Richardson
do have great chemistry, even as they are predator and prey. There’s a creepy
sexual tension to their scenes, and it was absolutely palpable than in this

I have to
credit the show for the build up to this storyline. They really did take their
time and let it all happen rather slowly over the past few months. Just as
we’ve seen Brendan manipulate his way into Ste’s life, we’ve seen that Ste has,
over that time become sexually drawn to Brendan.

Unlike Brendan,
however, whose intentions towards Ste are obvious, I don’t think that Ste truly realized his
actual feelings for Brendan. Or perhaps he never let himself think about it
until that moment on the sofa. Richardson
did a great job of playing Ste giving in to his feelings, his shock that he’d
had them in the first place and his
fear of what happens next.

This has really
been an nice start to what looks to be a really riveting storyline. It’s not
always going to be pleasant, but if the writing and the acting continues to be
as excellent as it has been, it’s certainly going to be worth watching.

Before I sign
off for today, here’s a sneak peek at next week’s Hollyoaks…

That’s next
week. Meanwhile, in tomorrow’s Hollyoaks Video
Update, Ste makes a not so surprising confession and Brendan kicks his scheme
to the next level.

I’d love to
hear what you thought of the episode. Please share your thoughts below….

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