Honey, He’s Home: The 10 Hottest Sitcom Dads

The New Normal‘s Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannell

Someone has to say it: It’s rare that a sitcom father is a sexy beast. Historically, dads on sitcoms are sarcastic, exhausted, or flatly chipper, and therefore not nearly as libidinous as we want them to be. As NBC’s upcoming gay daddy comedy The New Normal proves, fatherhood can look pretty hot on a man. (Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells are pretty choice specimens, wouldn’t you say?) So today, we’re looking back at 10 sitcom dads who beat the odds and came out sexy. I’m hooting “Babaloo!” already.

10. Desi Arnaz as Ricky Ricardo on I Love Lucy

Have we finally reached the first generation that won’t grow up on reruns of I Love Lucy? Kind of crazy, right? Especially since it means they’ll miss their tutorial in fiery Cuban fatherhood. Desi Arnaz may not have been the most patient or open-hearted husband, but he was hotheaded enough to establish himself as TV’s first sexy dad.

9. Don Adams as Maxwell Smart on Get Smart

I’ll say it: Don Adams was hot. Dry, silly humor is catnip to me, and his shifting eyebrows and bumbling shenanigans as superspy Maxwell Smart on Get Smart were as endearing as they were nutty. His onscreen charisma with Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon) was dynamite, and when the two characters had twins during the fourth season, I couldn’t help but hope the two had frantic telephone booth sex.

8. Damon Wayans as Michael Kyle on My Wife and Kids

I vote YES to any sitcom dad who can dispense with both heart-warming lessons and spicy humor. The My Wife and Kids patriarch handled that dichotomy well, not to mention his buff upper body, for the show’s entire run. (Apologies to Shawn Wayans, my choice for the hottest Wayans sibling.)


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