Hot Men of Slightly Obscure Sports!

We’re all familiar with sports like soccer, basketball, and
tennis, partly because of the popularity of gorgeous stars like David Beckham and Rafael Nadal. But what about the sports that don’t get nearly as much attention on ESPN? Well it
turns out that there is a whole world of hotties, just waiting to be ogled out
there and we decided that it was our duty to bring them to you. Enjoy!

Randy de Puniet -
Motorcycle Racing

Randy de Puniet doesn’t have to be a badass motorcycle rider
to be super sexy, although it certainly does not hurt. De Puniet is a Grand Prix motorcyclist, which
has to be one of the scariest sports imaginable. Not only is de Puniet an
athlete, he is also a member of the Champions for Peace Club, which aims to
create world peace through sport. This definitely increases his appeal, because
world peace is totally sexy.

TJ Lanning – Alpine

It’s such a shame that alpine skiing has to take place in
cold weather, because I would like to see TJ Lanning wearing far fewer clothes.
This hunky alpine skier has been competing since he was a teenager. Now, after
taking a break in order to heal from some injuries, including a broken neck, he
is back in training for the 2012 winter season.
Unfortunately, he did not do any bathing suit modeling in his off time.

Michel Bourez -

An important thing to know about Michel Bourez is that he is
nicknamed “The Spartan” because he is so ripped. The Tahitian native finished
up his sophomore year on the professional surfing circuit at an impressive 12th
overall, after being only the second surfer from Tahiti
to qualify for the ASP World Tour. Also
impressive? His biceps.

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