The Hottest Guys of New York Theater (2013)

Hot Guys Theater

Every autumn, in what has become a grand tradition, we at like to look around at the falling leaves and contemplate the endlessly cyclical nature of this unfathomable thing we call life. As the world around us prepares itself for the icy embrace of winter, it makes us all the more aware of the fragility of the present and the uncertainty of the future, and …

… what the hell are we talking about? Let’s throw some hot guys up on this piece!

So, we all know Hollywood is chock-full of sexy men these days, but the best kept secret of New Yorkers is that we also can boast some Grade-A man-meat. Live. On stage. Right in front of us.

Let’s take a little look see, shall we?

Cesar Abreu

Cesar Abru

“I think it’s important to never take yourself too seriously. I enjoy feeling grounded,” Cesar tells us. “To be named on of the hottest feels humbling … because I’m in the company of really amazing and talented artists.” The sexy performer – who credits his incredible body to maintaining an active lifestyle – says his proudest moment onstage was helping raise millions of to help people that are affected by HIV by participating in Broadway Bares. A body of steel and a heart of gold? Check.

Nick Adams

Nick Adams

Nick has been making waves on Broadway for years now, and while his matinee-idol face and unbelievable physique are enough to make him famous alone, he’s also a true triple-threat, and he proved that and then some with his star turn as Adam (aka Felicia) in Priscilla Queen of the Desert. When asked how he keeps that incredible body, he answers, “I’ve started to incorporate more jump rope and gymnastic classes to mix things up for my body. Also a clarisonic does wonders for the skin.” And what’s his proudest moment on the New York stage? “Definitely making my Carnegie Hall debut with the NY Pops. It was quite an honor and my mom was in the audience.” How adorable, am I right?

Guto Bittencourt


What can you say about super-hottie Rio native Guto Bittencourt that hasn’t already been said, most likely in both English and Portuguese? He’s got a killer bod and talent coming out of his ears. How does one get to look like that? “One of the biggest misconceptions is that if you work out regularly that you will automatically get in better shape,” Guto says, “but people need to remember that your diet is just as important, if not more. It’s important to eat right or you’ll never achieve the results you are aiming for.” And next on the horizon for Guto? “Something different that I am extremely excited about is a single I am releasing this summer called “Down In Rio”. I wrote the song with my producer David Schoenwetter and it will feature Curtis Young, the talented son of rap legend Dr Dre. My song has a unique latin edge with a beat that will make you want to dance!”

Our dance card’s currently accepting applications, Guto. Just sayin’.

Orlando Bloom


The man who first stole our hearts wearing a long blond wig and pointed ears in Lord of the Rings, Orlando Bloom’s had quite the dashing film career, and earlier this year, he added Broadway actor to his resume. The beautiful Brit has been playing everyone’s favorite lover boy in Romeo and Juliet at the Richard Rodgers Theater. Sure, he’s a little old for the role, but when he looks like that, who the hell cares? And to make him even hotter? We just learned that he’ll be showing off his little archer in the new film Zulu. What’s elvish for “sexy?”

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