“Immortals” Men Kellan Lutz, Luke Evans and Henry Cavill on Geting In Shape and Avoiding Craft Services

Actors Luke Evans, Kellan Lutz and Henry Cavill at Comic-Con

Getting into the superhuman shape required to play Greek
gods and heroes was no easy feat for the men of Tarsem Singh’s upcoming Immortals. But listening to British actor Luke Evans, who plays Zeus, the
grueling workouts were nothing compared to the temptation of the craft services
table. “It was just full of bad stuff, which I thought was just evil,
considering we had to keep in shape,” Evans said while promoting the film at
San Diego Comic-Con. “They had plenty of candy on their craft table, we just
had to stay away from it.”

Evans as Zeus

But it wasn’t a solo fight for Evans and Olympian co-stars
Kellan Lutz (Poseidon) and newcomer Corey Sevier (Apollo), along with Henry
and Stephen Dorff, who while playing mere mortals were still expected to
get into godly shape. “We had a nutritionist who would bring us tuna and
chicken and salad every hour on the hour,” said Lutz. “We needed it for the
energy because Tarsem is like an Energizer Bunny. You have to stay with it
because he was just all over the place having fun. Then also we’re training
very hard every day.”

These gods aren’t the ones we’ve seen in either 1981’s Clash of the Titans or the 2010 remake, middle-aged or older and fully
clothed. (Those films featured Sir Laurence Olivier and Liam Neeson as Zeus,
respectively.) “Our gods in this movie, we’re younger,” Lutz said. “We’re not
sitting in thrones just talking. We actually go to Earth to kick some butt.”

Lutz as Poseidon

Henry Cavill, last seen on Showtime’s The Tudors and set
to play Superman for Zack Snyder next year, broke down the Immortals workout
routine, based on the Tabata interval training style, should you want to get
into godlike shape yourself. “It was 25 repetitions of an exercise, followed by
eight deep breaths, followed by 25 repetitions, until you’ve completed 100
repetitions of one exercise, a minute’s rest, and then you go into round two,”
he said, out of breath just describing it. “Ultimately each set of repetitions
is a different part of the body being worked. It’s a very sort of
high-intensity, leaning-type training.”

Cavill as Theseus

Evans, who’s also set to star in this fall’s The Three
and will be shooting The Hobbit soon, was more excited to put the
restricted diet behind him than the workouts, he admitted. “I had such a short
amount of time to get into the shape that they wanted, I was quite restricted.
Red meat was straight out,” he said. “So I had a really nice bloody steak with
chips and mustard and a pint of lager” when it was over.

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