In Honor of April Fools Day, 7 Prank Videos We Love

Patton Oswalt once called April Fools Day “Sh*tbird Christmas,” and who can refute that? It’s an occasion when unfunniness reigns supreme, old jokes are revamped for the umpteenth time, and you just know it’s Vince Vaughn‘s favorite day. Ugh. To counter the day’s expected awfulness, here’s a quick list of notable pranks that were both funny and charming. And celebrity-laden, so they even seem funnier than they are!

1. Graham Norton and Joanna Lumley harass London passersby via information kiosk.

This isn’t news, but who is more effortlessly charming than Graham? He’s talented, sweet, silly, and bastardly, usually all at the same time. Here, he and Joanna Lumley scam some tourists with some amazing v.o. work. Props to Joanna for her extemporaneous composure and elocution.

2. Cher works at Jack In The Box

This video is mostly funny because I can’t believe it actually happened. On The Mike Douglas Show, Cher fulfilled her sincere dream of working at a Jack In The Box (?!), took real customers’ orders, and fumbled at the cash register in (ahem) EXACTLY THE WAY YOU EXPECT CHER TO FUMBLE AT A CASH REGISTER. Picture her mumbling numbers and groaning and being Cher. You just invented this video.

3. Jeff Gordon’s NASCAR insanity

Here it is, the one and only time I’ve been entertained by someone/something related to the NASCAR universe. Jeff Gordon took a car dealership employee on an unexpected spin, and his reactions are among the most priceless ever caught on film. Danica Patrick, your move. 

4. David Letterman’s droll harassment of Taco Bell customers

David Letterman‘s been the sedate elder statesman of late night for so long that it’s easy to forget he was once a gonzo, stunt-loving comic. Imagine dealing with his deadpan dismissiveness when you were just trying to order something un-lethal at Taco Bell. I particularly love the Diet Pepsi/Dr. Pepper moment.

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