Interview: Luke Adams Has Some Unfinished Business On “The Amazing Race”

Luke Adams in India during The Amazing Race Season 14

There are a lot of things you can say about 25-year-old Luke Adams — that he’s very competitive, that he’s not shy, that he’s a little temperamental — but above all, you have to acknowledge that he’s not a quitter, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

That tenacity was constantly on display during the 14th season of CBS’ The Amazing Race as Luke and his mother Margie raced around the world, coming in first on three legs, finishing second twice more and nearly taking the top spot on the last leg, only falling short when Luke was confounded by a challenge involving surfboards.

And while the race is a grueling affair for everyone, Luke also had to deal with the potential disadvantage of being deaf while racing against contestants who were all able to hear. But Luke and his mom are nothing if not resourceful and actually turned that potential disadvantage into an advantage by being able to communicate in front of the other racers without their knowing what Luke and Margie were saying.

The 18th season of The Amazing Race kicks off on Sunday night, and this edition is titled The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business and features returning teams that either finished in the top three of their particular season, like Luke and Margie, or who were eliminated in notable ways. recently caught up with Luke to discuss what made him want to race again, how the first TAR changed him and what’s up with his love life. As Luke’s mother wasn’t available to translate, Luke answered our questions via email.

AfterElton: Hi, Luke. Thanks for
talking with us.

Luke Adams:
I’m glad that I got to talk with you again!

AE: How did being on the race change your life?

Way beyond my imagination. It is not what I thought it would be. It’s a big
honor that I’m a big role model for the deaf community and I got a Deaf Person
of the Year award. It’s a big amazing achievement for me, especially for my age.
Visiting countries and the cultures have changed my view of the world so much.
I truly appreciate to have this kind of experience along with my mother!

AE: What’s the biggest difference in your life since the race ended?

That I can say I got to race around the world twice. How often do people
get to say that?

AE: The very last thing you said to us in our previous interview was that you wanted
to be on The Amazing Race: All Stars and now here you are. How did you make
that happen?

First of all… I never thought I would get to be on Amazing Race in
million years. Let alone by doing the Race twice. It’s just pretty
incredible. Soon as my Mom got a phone call about All Stars last summer, she
just said “Yes!” immediately without talking to me about it. There’s no question
that we both really wanted to do it again.

AE: So one of you didn’t have to talk the other into doing it?

Originally, for the first season we raced — in the beginning, Mom did
it for me — but in the end, she did it for herself. For All Stars, we both wanted
to do it equally this time. It was just such an incredible experience for my mom and I to share together twice. I’m glad I did it with my mom. It has
made our bond so much closer than ever. There’s no one else I would want to do
it but my mother. 

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