“Teen Wolf”‘s Danny: Keahu Kahuanui

Keahu Kahuanui photographed by Clinton Gaughran for AfterElton

Ever since the second season of MTV’s Teen Wolf roared to life a few weeks ago, viewers have undoubtedly noticed that we’re seeing a bit more of Danny, the openly gay character on the teen werewolf series. We just learned Danny’s last name (Mahealani) and in tonight’s episode, entitled “Frenemy,” we’ll find out a little bit more about him and, as has been leaked previously, some of the action takes place in a gay bar.

Who better than actor Keahu Kahuanui, who plays Danny, to fill us in on tonight’s episode and shed some light (and a bit of coy teasing) on burning questions like… will Danny get a relationship? What’s really the appeal in his character’s relationship with Jackson (Colton Haynes)? And would he like to see Danny join the wolf pack? And are shirtless scenes a piece of cake to shoot?

AfterElton got a sneak peek at tonight’s episode and then sat down with the charming Kahuanui to get the scoop.

AfterElton: You grew up in Hawaii, right?
Keahu Kahuanui:
For the most part, yeah. I’ve actually spent quite a bit of time in California, too.

AE: Was acting kind of always something in your life, or did it come later?
I dabbled in it as a kid, but it was mostly in high school where I really got involved. I did a few musicals and plays. Actually, I had a lead in a couple of them.

AE: Musicals? So you sing?
[laughs] I put it on my resume, but it’s not my claim to fame.

AE: So prior to Teen Wolf, were you just doing the LA working actor thing? Going on auditions, that sort of thing?
No. I was working the corporate life and doing acting on the side as work came in. I wasn’t even living in LA. I was living in Northern California, but I was coming down here a lot. I actually have an ‘I was discovered’ story.

AE: Tell me.
It was sort of like a friend of a friend thing. What had happened was that I was coming down here a lot, and I met Jeff Davis (creator of Teen Wolf). And I guess after getting to know him a little bit better he proposed to me, ‘Hey, we’re looking to fill a role. Would you like to read for us?’ I read for the role of Jackson. So like I say, things went around and my audition tape got tossed around. Then they came back with, ‘Jackson’s probably not a great fit for you, but we do have this role. What do you think?’ At the time it’s not something I was actively seeking out, but it just kind of happened that way.

And I have to say my life has changed drastically from where I was to where I am now. I’m in a happier place. I love what I do. I very much enjoy it. I’ve discovered that I’ve always been more of a creative-minded person, so acting has been able to satisfy that urge for me.


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